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Christian Testimony: I Become More Certain of the True Way After Experiencing Satan’s Disturbance

Aside from having faith in God, Christians must learn discernment. This is the only way to see through Satan’s trickery and stand witness when Satan’s test befalls us.

What Should I Choose Between God and Work?

In order to prevent me from believing in God, my younger sister threatened to fire me because she trusted CCP rumors about The Church of Almighty God. Under God’s guidance, I understood what I should choose between God and work.

3 Tips Tell You How to Follow God

Are you following God or other people? Do you know what it means to truly follow God? 3 tips tell you how to follow God.

The End-time Salvation Through App Brought Him Into the Land of Canaan

Brother Liu contracted projects everywhere, busied himself with fleshly things, and he felt empty in spirit. But most recently, his spiritual state is greatly different from before, Because the end-time salvation through app has brought him into the land of Canaan.

Understanding the Way in Which the Lord Comes: I Welcome His Return

From disobedience and hindrance to God’s work to acceptance of His work, how did an 18-year-old Christian see through the rumors? This article tells us her repentance testimony of returning to God.


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