Free From Sin

How to Cast Off the Bondage of Sin and Enter God’s Kingdom

By Zhang Rui Can we enter the kingdom of heaven if our sins are forgiven? Sin, as a Christian, is something I couldn’t be more familiar with. It hovers around me every day, it’s always close, an…

I Finally Find Out How to Escape Sin

By Tiexin Editor’s Note: As a Christian, are you still engaged in the bitter struggle with sin? Do you also want to escape the bondage and restraints of sin? Are you also disappointed by the fact…

Why Do I Still Sin If I Am Saved? How Can I Be Free From Sin?

Why do I still sin if I am saved? It is because having been absolved from sin doesn’t mean being purified of sin. How can we be free from sin? Read this article to find the path.

Does Being Saved Mean We Are Able to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom?

I believed that being saved meant I could enter the heavenly kingdom. 20 years have passed, and I finally understand that being saved and entering the kingdom of heaven are two different things.

I Have Found the Way to Resolve the Problem of Sin

I was in charge of the church but was tightly bound by my sins. Later I was finally set free from sin and found the way to gain salvation.

Heart Voice of a Preacher: I Have Found the Way to Get Rid of Sin

When my faith grew cold and I lived in the condition of committing and confessing, God’s salvation of the last days brought me hope. I finally found the way to get rid of sin and enter the heavenly kingdom.

How to Break Free From Sin and Be Cleansed?

We have not been cleansed even though we accepted Jesus’ redemption. How can we break free from sin and be cleansed? We must accept God’s judgment work in the last days.

How to Break Free From Bondage of the Sin

As Christians, what if our faith is weak and we cannot free ourselves from the bondage of the sin? Her experience will help us find the way of practice.

Coming Back to God, She Got Rid of the Life of Working Desperately Hard for Money

She had always thought that money was everything. However, in the pursuit of money, she became disease-ridden. Then how did she free herself from the life of working desperately hard for money and come back to God?


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