God’s Love

Praise and Worship Song "God's Love Circles My Heart"

The Sun of righteousness rises in the East.O God! Your glory fills the heaven and earth. My beautiful beloved, Your love circles my heart.

Best Gospel Music - God Ruling Over and Sustaining Mankind and All Things

Beneath the heavens, all creatures thrive and breed in their own environments, cleaving to the laws of life over and over; as day follows night, season after season …

What Are the Lord’s Intentions Behind the Parable of the Shepherd Seeking the Lost Sheep

Apart from the Lord’s love for mankind, there is deeper significance behind the parable of “the shepherd seeking the lost sheep”. Do you know it?

Christian Song “The Incarnate God Is Most Lovable”

  I After God became flesh, living life among mankind, He saw man's depravity, the situation of their life. God in the flesh deeply felt man's helplessness, how pitiful they are; He felt th…

God Makes the Rainbow as a Symbol of His Covenant With Man

And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.

Testifying the Salvation: A 12-year Gambler’s Journey of Transformation

She had been addicted to lottery for 12 years. Consequently, she went bankrupt, was complained against and hated by her family. How did she completely break free from the addiction of lottery? Let’s read her experience.

Ever-present Love - God's Love

The lonely soul is from far away, seeking the past, searching the future, struggling hard, and chasing the dream. I don’t know where I’m from and where to go, born in crying and gone i…

2018 Christian Music Video "The True Love of God" (Korean Song English Subtitle)

 The True Love of God Today I come before God again, I see His lovely face. Today I come before God again, I’ve left my wandering past behind. Today I come before God again, enjoying His word…


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