Hearing God’s Voice

What Can We Learn From the Samaritan Woman?

By Zhang YipingPresumably many of us believers are familiar with the story of the Samaritan woman recorded in the Bible. When she drew water, she met the Lord Jesus, who asked her for a drink. From …

Revelation 16:15 - Hear God’s Voice and Welcome Second Coming of Jesus

Today's bible verse is Revelation 16:15. This verse tells us the Lord’s return is a secret descent. Only those who prepare for the Lord’s return and hear God’s voice can welcome second coming of Jesus.

Why Did Gamaliel Who Was Familiar With the Scriptures Not Follow the Lord Jesus?

Gamaliel was reasonable and familiar with the Scriptures, but why did he not follow the Lord? What lessons can we learn from this?

How to Face the Desolation of the Church and Walk Out of the Rainless Land

By QiulinA gust of autumn wind blew through, sweeping up the fallen leaves in the yard. Sitting by the window, I frowned and pondered over these verses, “Behold, the days come … that I will send…

How to Attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

By Yan JinHow can we welcome the coming of the Lord? This is a big question for us believers in God. In the last days, whether we can enter the kingdom of heaven depends on whether we can welcome th…

Understand the Significance of God’s Judgement and Welcome the Lord’s Return

Once, her mind was filled with imaginings about God’s judgment, but through God’s words, she understood the significance of it and welcomed the Lord’s return.

2 Imperative Ways to Get Ready for Jesus’ Return

Basically all the prophecies of Jesus’ return have been fulfilled. How can we get ready to welcome Jesus’ return? Here are 2 imperative ways: 1. Ready Our Spiritual Ears and Learn to Hear the Lord’s Voice …

Christian Worship Song "God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory"

Christian Worship Song "God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory"I God is doing work throughout the universe. Thunderous noises in the East do not relent, shaking all denomination…

How to Hear God’s Voice and Welcome Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The prophecies of the second coming of Jesus Christ have been fulfilled. How can we be wise virgins to welcome Him? The key is to focus on hearing God’s voice.


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