How to Get Rid of Sins

I Understood the True Meaning of Salvation and How to Stop Sinning

Many Christians believe that if they are saved, they are able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Through fellowship, I understood the true meaning of salvation and how to stop sinning.

Titus 2:11-12 - God's Salvation

Today’s Bible Verse is Titus 2:11-12 about God's salvation. From this Bible verse, we can see God is not only a loving and merciful God, but also a righteous God.

I Have Found the True Path to Be Born Again

I’ve finally found the path to being truly cleansed, followed the footsteps of the Lamb, and walked on the path to true repentance and rebirth.

When I Couldn’t Forgive My Husband …

My husband betrayed me and I couldn’t forgive him all the time, I lived in a state of sinning and confessing without any outlet. Until one day I read God’s word …

Being Forgiven, Still Unqualified to Enter Kingdom of Heaven?

Though we were forgiven our sins by the Lord, He had never said we can enter the kingdom of heaven because of it. How can Christians enter the kingdom of heaven?

It’s Not a Dream to Get Rid Of Sins and Enter Into the Kingdom of Heaven!

By Bai Xinchun I had believed in the Lord Jesus for many years. Before, I often heard the preacher say: “The Lord Jesus has redeemed us from the cross and forgiven all our sins. The Bible says: …


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