How to Know God’s Will

I Understood God’s Will in Two Terrible Things I Encountered

We often lose faith in God and fall into Satan’s temptations due to some unfavorable things. How did the author understand God’s will and overcome Satan’s temptations by seeking the truth in two terrible things? Read this article to learn more.

Sermon on Sickness: 4 Key Points of Christians Experiencing Sickness

How should Christians experience sickness? Read this sermon on sickness to grasp 4 ways of practice.

A Special Fellowship Allows Him to Know How to Approach Unfavorable Things

We often feel distressed when encountering unfavorable things. The fellowship in this article will help you understand how to approach them and escape the pain.

I Finally Understand What It Is to Truly Do God’s Will

Only those who do God’s will can enter the kingdom of God. So what kind of people are those who do God’s will? Why did the Lord Jesus call those who prophesied and worked in His name workers of iniquity? I understand it now.

How Can Christians Keep Faith in God in Setbacks?

Christians often lose faith in God in setbacks. This article says that there’s God’s salvation in setbacks, which will help you revive your faith in God.

How to Get Along with the Short-tempered Boss

I thought the boss would fire me because I broke several dozens of plates. However, when I practiced being honest and fully acknowledged my mistakes, something unexpected happened.

I Experienced God’s Wondrous Deeds While Looking for a Job

Faced with the same interviewer in the same company, why did I fail the job interview the first time, but success the second time after a few days?

What Is God’s Will Behind Trials? Inspirations From Job’s Trials

What is God’s will behind trials? How can we bear witness for God? Find ways from Job’s trials.

As Christians, How Can We Face Trials From God Calmly?

How can we let go of the fear to accept and obey trails and refinements? You’ll understand God’s will behind trails and have a way forward after reading this article.

Why Does God Allow Suffering? Understanding the Grace of God From Job’s Story

New understanding the grace of God from Job’s suffering story in the Bible: Not only are love and blessings God’s grace, but sufferings and trials are God’s greater grace.


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