How to Treat the Bible

How One Film Helped Me Welcome the Lord’s Return

I longed to welcome the Lord’s return but didn’t know how. Later, a film enabled me to welcome the Lord’s return unexpectedly. Read to learn more.

The Bible was compiled by man, not by God; the Bible cannot represent God.

“Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And you will not come to me, that you might have life” (Jhn 5:39-40).

There is no way of eternal life within the Bible; if man holds to the Bible and worships it, then they will not obtain eternal life.

The way of life is not something that can be possessed by just anyone, nor is it easily obtainable by all.

A Christian’s Diary: Errors in Bible?! What?

Is the Bible really inspired by the Holy Spirit? Then why are there errors in the Bible? I finally find the truth after studying the Bible.

Gospel Video Clip "What a Beautiful Voice" (3): Are There No Words or Work of God Outside of the Bible?

Most people in religious circles believe that all of God's words are in the Bible, and anything outside of the Bible does not contain His work and words. They do not seek outside of the Bible for Hi…

God’s Word Is Not Limited in Bible!

I always thought outside the Bible there were no God’s work and word. Until I listened to the fellowship in a movie did I understand that God’s word is not limited in the Bible.

Who Has Added to the Bible?

I only knew man shouldn’t add to or take away from the Bible, but I didn’t know what adding or taking away is. A fellowship made me understand this crucial truth.

Hot Discussion! Are All the Words in the Bible God’s Words?

I always believe that all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and it is all the words of God, but from a hot discussion on a gospel forum, I came to understand that my viewpoints are not in line with God’s intention.

All Scripture, Inspired by God? What Is the Truth?

By Linglong Speaking of the Bible, each of us shows great respect to it. For thousands of years, no other book can take its sacred place in the hearts of us Christians. Since I began to believe in th…

Everything in the Bible Is the Word of God. Is it true?

By Xi En, United States The Bible is Christianity’s canon, the foundation for our faith. Since we’ve believed in the Lord, each of us has had a Bible. We read the Bible frequently and cherish it …


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