Like a Thief in the Night

How Will the Lord Jesus Return in the End Times?

The Lord’s return will be done in stages: The first stage is His secret return as the Son of man in the flesh; after that He will openly descend on a cloud and appear to all.

How to Welcome Jesus’ Return to Be After God’s Will

There are two kinds of prophecies about the second coming of Jesus—come with clouds publicly and descend secretly. If we only wait for His public arrival, we may lose the chance to meet Him.

Will the Lord Jesus Descend Only With Clouds When He Returns?

Besides arriving on clouds, there is another way of the second coming of Jesus recorded in the Bible. We should investigate from two aspects so that we won’t miss out on the chance to welcome His second coming.

Bible Prophecy: Manner of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The manner of the second coming of Jesus Christ has always been a controversial topic for believers.In which manner will Jesus come again? How should we welcome Jesus’ appearance?

The Lord Jesus Has Returned

All prophecies of the second coming of the Lord have been fulfilled, and many Christians are watching and waiting for the second coming of the Lord. In which way does the Lord come? How should we welcome the appearance of the Lord?

If Lord Has Come in Secret, Will You Seek and Investigate?

How does the Lord come again? If someone preaches that the Lord has come in secret, will you seek and investigate?

"What a Beautiful Voice" (1) - How Do the Prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus Come True

Many people in religious circles adhere to the prophecy that the Lord will descend riding on a cloud and they are waiting for Him to come that way to rapture them into the kingdom of heaven, but ove…

In What Way Will the Lord Jesus Make His Return?

What exactly is meant by “the coming of the Son of man”? In what way will the Lord Jesus make His return?

Will the Lord Jesus Come Again in a Jewish Image?

In 1994, I accepted the gospel of the Lord Jesus. At that time, my third elder sister gave me a Bible, and we made an appointment to attend a meeting on Sunday. That day, as soon as I entered the chur…


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