Love One Another

10 Important Bible Verses About Loving One Another

Loving one another is the Lord Jesus’ requirement for us. Below are ten Bible verses about loving one another, which will teach us how to love one another and get along well with our brothers and sisters.

3 Principles for Christians’ Interacting With Others

By Hanxiao In this complex society, we have to deal with all kinds of people every day. Each person’s personality, hobbies, habits, temperament, etc. are all different, so in our interactions som…

4 Principles - How to Get Along With Others

By Shicheng As a Christian, we all know that we should live out normal humanity. When interacting with brothers and sisters, we should love each other, understand, forbear and forgive each other, and…

4 Principles by Which We Christians Easily Interact With Others

Do you want to have normal interpersonal relationships with others in real life? Four principles in this article help you easily get along with others.

How to Get Along With Others Easily

How to get along with others easily? Three principles are worthy of your reading.

I Have Understood How to Get Along With Others

How to get along well with others? In my experience, I have understood that it is necessary to treat others’ strengths and weaknesses correctly.

3 Tips for Church Leaders to Help and Support Brothers and Sisters

A must for Christians: 3 paths of practice to help and support brothers and sisters.

Be of One Heart and One Mind, We Can Gain God’s Blessings

As long as we are of one heart and one mind and combine our efforts to do the work of the church, we will gain God’s blessing and guidance.

How to Root Out Causes of Prejudice Toward Others

When we cannot get along with brothers or sisters, how to root out the causes of our prejudice toward others?

How to Improve Interpersonal Relationships

My interpersonal relationships with people around become more and more worse, how to improve them? God’s word gives me the accurate answer.


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