Meaning of Life

I Discover How to Stop Feeling So Empty and Live a Meaningful Life

Why is material enjoyment unable to bring us happiness? Read this article and learn about how to stop feeling so empty and live a meaningful life.

True Story of How I Quit the Pursuit of Being a Millionaire

She worked hard to become a millionaire, but later, she was exhausted both physically and mentally. In her pain and bewilderment, who changed her direction of pursuit? Please read on.

Reflections in Sickbed: I Know How to Pursue to Live a Meaningful Life

Are you feeling vexed about how to pursue to live a meaningful life? I once strived hard to make money for the sake of fame and gain, and fell victim to various diseases. Only when lying in my sickbed did I reflect on myself and come to understand …

Letting Go of My Mistaken Pursuits, I No Longer Sell My Life for Money

I desperately made money, and in the end made myself sick. Later, God’s salvation came to me, and I finally realized: It isn’t worth it to exchange life for money.


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