Mother’s Day Devotionals

After Her Marriage Broke Up …

After her husband had an affair, she suffered from the broken marriage and even wanted to commit suicide. Later she got over it like this.

Must-Read Bible Verses for Mother’s Day: Learn to Respect Our Mothers

Mother’s Day is coming. Let’s read these Bible verses for Mother’s Day and learn to respect and love our mothers.

Marriage: The Fourth Juncture

Marriage: The Fourth Juncture As one grows older and matures, one grows more distant from one’s parents and the environment in which one was born and raised, and instead one begins to seek a dire…

9 Bible Verses About Teaching Children—Helping Children Grow in Christ

9 selected Bible verses guide us to teach our children according to the Bible and grow in Christ together with our children.

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Our relationship with God is growing more and more distant as a result of the fast-paced life. Read this article to learn 4 ways to strengthen our relationship with God.

Bible Verses About Marriage and Love to Bring You Closer

Marriage is an important juncture in our life. Everyone longs for a happy marriage. The following 5 aspects of Bible verses about marriage and love and related articles will guide us to manage our marriage and gain happiness.

24 Bible Verses About Family Help You Get Along Better With Your Family

Every one of us yearns for family harmony, but why don’t things go our way in real life? We selected 24 Bible verses about family to help you get along better with your family and maintain happiness in the family.

11 Years Later, I Let Go of My Resentment Toward Mother Finally

When she was 11, her mother betrayed her father, and also abandoned her. Since then she hated her mother. It was God’s words that guided her not to bear a grudge against her mother and to be truly liberated and free.

What Makes My Family Harmonious

What restored the family, which was full of quarrels and silent treatment, to its original peace and harmony? Read this article to get the answer.

Don’t Let Suspicion Ruin Your Marriage

When they, due to her misunderstanding and suspicion of her husband, gave each other the cold shoulder, what power dispelled all her suspicion and saved their marriage which was on the brink?

Let God Be the Master of My Home!

I always wanted my husband to listen to me, so that I can wear the pants in my house. But we always quarreled, and I suffered unspeakably. However, when I humbled myself and let God be the master of my home, my family had real happiness.


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