Obey God

Christian Crosstalk "Our Pastor Said …": Who Should We Listen to in Our Belief in God? (English Dub)

Christian Crosstalk "Our Pastor Said …": Who Should We Listen to in Our Belief in God? (English Dub) Yu Shunfu is a believer in the religious world who looks up to and worships pastors and elde…

Why Did Job Curse the Day of His Own Birth?

Job feared God and shunned evil, and was called righteous by God, but why did Job curse the day of his birth? God’s words gave me the answer.

Christian Song 2018 “God Treasures One Who Can Listen to and Obey Him”

God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him God doesn't care whether one is humble or great. As long as he listens to God, obeys what God orders and entrusts, can cooperate with His work, wi…

God Commands Abraham to Offer Isaac

God’s meaning was clear: He was telling Abraham to give his only son Isaac, whom he loved, as a burnt offering.

August 3, 2018 - Genesis 6:22

Today’s Bible Verse is Genesis 6:22 about obeying God. From this Bible verse, we see that Noah was a person who listened to God’s words and obeyed Him.

How Do Christians Grow in Spiritual Life?

How do Christians grow in their spiritual life? Besides reading the Bible and listening to the sermons, we still need to pay attention to another point.

Happiness Lies in Contentment

What should we do if we always feel miserable because of discontent? We should understand that happiness lies in contentment.

Obey God - Matthew 23:8

Today's verse is Matthew 23:8. Only Christ is qualified for that title, and Christ is God Himself with great power and wisdom. No one is higher than anyone else, all of us should obey God.

Is Obeying Pastors Obeying God?

Many believers believe that those who obey pastors are obeying the Lord. Is this viewpoint in accordance with the Bible? If pastors’ teachings are not in line with the word of the Lord, then how should we treat this?

Bidding Farewell to the Days of Struggling by Ourselves

Since childhood, she has been trying to change her fate depending on her efforts. But now, she no longer banks on herself. Do you know who has changed her mind?

Bible Verses about Born Again - What Is Born Again

We selected some Bible verses about rebirth with the hope to seek the mysteries of this aspect with you. It is recorded in the Bible that Nicodemus asked the Lord how to be reborn. Jesus answered, “…

Entrust Interview to God

I had an interview the following day, but I still didn’t come up with a plan. After I prayed to God, I understood that what God arranges for me is always good. I should obey His sovereignty and arrangements no matter the result of the interview.


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