Obey God’s Sovereignty and Arrangements

Knowing God’s Sovereignty, I Am No Longer Upset at My Short Stature

I always felt inferior and pained because of my short stature. After knowing God’s sovereignty, I am no longer upset at my short stature.

Birth: The First Juncture

Where a person is born, what family he or she is born into, one’s gender, appearance, and time of birth: these are the details of the first juncture of a person’s life.

How to Know and Regard the Fact of God’s Sovereignty Over Human Fate

After listening to everything I have just said, has your idea of fate changed? How do you understand the fact of God’s sovereignty over human fate?

Seeing Through the Material Marriage, I No Longer Complains About My Poor Husband

After I went to a rich woman’s wedding, I was disgusted with my poor husband, and our relationship became difficult and gridlocked. Afterwards, I finally saw through the material marriage and gained happiness.

Progeny: The Fifth Juncture

After marrying, one begins to nurture the next generation. One has no say in how many and what kind of children one has; this too is determined by a person’s fate, predestined by the Creator.

A Commentary on Jeremiah 10:23—Man Cannot Control His Future

Read Jeremiah 10:23 commentary to know that man can plan his future but he cannot control his future.

Matthew 25:15 - Obey God's sovereignty

Today’s Bible Verse is Matthew 25:15 about obeying God's sovereignty. From this Bible verse, we can see that God created everyone and gave them different missions, all of them have appropriate positions.

Inspiring Videos - "Destiny"

This short story tells that a man suffered a car accident when he was off to work... Be inspired: only by coming before God and obeying His sovereignty can we have a good fate, and walk the right path of human life that is destined by God.

Two Reasons of Living in the Haze of Failure

Why do we often live in the haze of failure and cannot walk out from it? There are two reasons we should know.

Obey God - Matthew 25:15

Today's verse is : Matthew 25:15. If we can obey the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements, neither blindly admire nor belittle others, and view ourselves correctly, then we can carry out our function and responsibilities in the right position, and live out a meaningful life.

Unchaining the Heart

Chen Zhi was born into an impoverished farming family. At school, "Knowledge can change your fate" and "One's destiny is in his own hand" as taught by the school became his mottos. He believed that …

What Is the Greatest Blessing Job Obtained?

I had long thought that the property, sons and daughters, lifespan are the greatest blessings Job obtained. But now, I understand that the greatest blessing is ...


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