Overcome Temptation

Bible Verses About Spiritual Warfare

Because of the effects caused by the evil trends in society, people all worship evil, and pursue money, fame and gain, status, and romantic entanglements. Even believers in the Lord often fall into th…

I Find the True Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work

Are you searching for the true church with the Holy Spirit’s work? Sarah’s true story will help you find the true church and tell you how to listen to God’s voice so that you can welcome the Lord’s return. Read to learn more.

What Is an Overcomer? How to Be a True Overcomer

What do the overcomers in the Bible refer to? How can we become true overcomers? We need to accept the Lord’s return and experience God’s judgment and chastisement.

How to Overcome Temptation: Inspiration From the Story of Jesus’ Temptation

The Lord Jesus overcame Satan’s temptations in only 3 sentences. From this we can see God’s words are the truth. Only when we gain the truth can we overcome Satan’s temptations.


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