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Why Has Marriage That Should Be Respected Been Trampled?

Marriage should be respected, yet in today’s society there are more and more people engaging in extramarital affairs. Read this article to learn the root of people wantonly trampling on marriage, and how to shun evil.

2019 Christian Family Movie “A Mother’s Love” (English Dubbed): A True Heart-touching Story

What is real love? Watch 2019 Christian family movie “A Mother’s Love” and you’ll learn what kind of love is real from this heart-touching story.

She Finally Quit a Game Addiction That Had Been Ruining Her For 23 Years

Her video game addiction kept her bound for 23 years and almost ruined her life. Read this article now to learn about how she quit playing video games.

Why Are People Addicted to Their Phones?

Why are more and more people addicted to their phones? Read this article to learn the reason, which can help you break your phone addiction early.

How to Stop Comparing

Do you suffer from comparing but cannot stop it? How can we get rid of comparison and live a relaxed life? Let’s see what God says about it.


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