Relationship With God

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Our relationship with God is growing more and more distant as a result of the fast-paced life. Read this article to learn 4 ways to strengthen our relationship with God.

Fasting and Prayer Can’t Resolve the Problem of Church Desolation, Here Are Important Reasons

There is God’s will behind the church’s desolation. We can’t resolve the problem of church desolation only by fasting and prayer. To find the church with Holy Spirit’s work is a pressing issue.

How to Grow Closer to God by Reading the Bible? Here Are 3 Principles

How do we read the Bible to gain God’s guidance? Grasp these 3 principles and we will get enlightened and easily grow closer to God.

4 Tips to Build Normal Relationship With God

Are you obsessed with external affairs, and hardly quiet your heart before God? This article gives you 4 tips to build a normal relationship with God.

How Is Your Relationship With God

In believing in God, you must at least resolve the issue of having a normal relationship with God. Without a normal relationship with God, then the significance in believing in God is lost.

Too Busy to Be Quiet Before God? 3 Easy Tips to Solve It

Praying, pondering God’s words, giving thoughts to God’s love—these 3 aspects can help us be quiet before God and grow spiritually.

3 Points to Keep a Normal Relationship With God

Building a relationship with God is the most important lesson to be learned. Only when we have a proper relationship with God can we be moved in prayer, gain illumination when reading God’s words, a…

3 Ways to Measure If We Have a Normal Relationship With God

It is important to have a normal relationship with God, but how should we measure whether we have a normal relationship with God? These 3 ways will help you.

Bible Verses About Faith - Deepen Your Relationship with God

Bible verses about faith - If you feel you become more and more distant from God, or you are seeking to learn more knowledge about faith in God, then it's important to seek God and rely on God. If …


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