Rely on God

God Is in Control of Man’s Life and Death

Many people doubt whether God is in control of man’s life and death. Read this Christian’s perception of life and know God’s sovereignty from her husband’s experience of recovering from illness.

Kidnapped When Seven Months Pregnant, She Relies on God to Escape Danger

God is our strength and our shield. After being kidnapped by a ruffian, the 7-month pregnant woman successfully escaped danger by relying on God. Read this article to see God’s deeds.

God’s Words Showed Me How to Deal With Lazy Coworkers

My coworkers were lazy, so I was prejudiced against them. Later I knew how to deal with lazy coworkers in God’s words and was no longer distressed for this problem.

2 Bible Stories to Help You Keep Faith in God During Hard Times

Keeping faith in God during hard times can be very difficult. But the inspiration from these 2 Bible stories in the article may help. Read here.

Bible Verses About Healing—Comfort in Sorrow

A selection of Bible verses about healing will comfort your broken heart and guide you to draw nearer to God.

15 Bible Verses About Faith Help You Keep Your Faith in God in Trying Times

What should we do when we lose faith in trying times? Read these 15 Bible verses about faith, which will strengthen your faith in God and help you build a normal relationship with God.

I Have Seen God’s Blessings in Preaching the Gospel by Relying on Him

Spreading the gospel and bearing witness to God is the mission of every Christian. When encountering difficulties or being rejected in spreading the gospel, how did she regain confidence and receive God’s blessings by relying on God?

I Experienced God’s Wondrous Deeds While Looking for a Job

Faced with the same interviewer in the same company, why did I fail the job interview the first time, but success the second time after a few days?

Rely on God Truly, He Will Surely Guide Us

I couldn’t complete this task at all based on my ability, but when I relied on God truly, the impossible happened.

In Spiritual Warfare, God’s Word Is Power

In one spiritual warfare after another, God’s words help me see through the tricks of Satan and stand witness for God.

Relying on God, We Will Fear No Difficulty

I came to Korea alone and it was tough for me to get a job. But when I truly relied on God, I have seen God’s deeds.

Relying On God, Kids Are No Longer Naughty

After I get along with two naughty kids differently, not only are they no longer naughty, they also become more and more obedient.


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