Rely on God

Hardships Make You Stronger

Resilient vitality can hardly come from an easy life. Actually, only hardships make us stronger.

After He Was Misunderstood ...

Misunderstood by his colleague, Fang Xing was aggrieved and miserable. But later, he gained relief. Then who was it that comforted his pain?

An Experience of Victory Over Satan’s Temptation In a Class

The school used a lie detector to test me whether my family believe in God. I was afraid of selling out brothers and sisters for this. When it came to the crunch, I overcame Satan’s sudden temptation by relying on God.

How Should I Face and Overcome Domestic Abuse?

Being abused by her husband numerously, she was living in agony and desperation. It was God’s word helped her see clearly the root cause of the domestic abuse. Under the protection of God, she suffered no more.

God Helped Me Win in a Family Conflict About Belief

After this family conflict about faith, I was more resolved to follow God and also understood that only those who humbly seek God can see His appearance.

February 27, 2018 - Matthew 11:28

Today's verse:Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. - Matthew 11:28

I Live an Easy Life When I Rely on God

I used to solve difficulties of life on my own, living wearily. But after believing in God, I rely on God and obey His orchestration, and live an easy life.

Her Experience: How to Overcome the Test of Extra-marital Affair

Her classmate had pursued her for five years and then got married with another one. But now he declared his love for her, how did she overcome the test of extra-marital affair?

Learning to Depend on God Is the Biggest Wisdom

Relying on my mind, caliber and knowledge, I lived wearily. An experience told me: Learning to depend on God in all things is the biggest wisdom.

I’ve Seen Through the True Colors of Pastors and Elders!

Relying on God, I’m no longer controlled by the pastors and elders. Finally, I accept God’s kingdom gospel and have seen through their true colors.

In Economic Risk, I Learned to Rely on God - Spiritual Awakening

By Zhang Nan I was born in a working-class family in the 1970s. I have an elder sister and a younger one. At that time, our parents’ incomes were only thirty to forty yuan per month. So we were alw…

How to Resolve the Marriage Risk Brought by the Social Network Apps?

When Zhiqiang and Linlin knew each other, both of them considered each other as their lifelong partner that they can entrust. Linlin was a college student at that time, so she told Zhiqiang she woul…


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