Triumph Over the Illness

God Saved My Two-year-old Daughter From Drug Poisoning

Because of drug poisoning, my two-year-old couldn’t wake up. The doctor asserted that she would be retarded, but she was safe and sound in the end. I knew it was God who saved her.

My Second Life Begins...

I believe in God for many years, but have no knowledge of God’s sovereignty. An experience of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage makes me know: Man’s life and death are indeed in God’s hand.

My Son’s Illness Revealed My Wrong View on Belief in God

Not only was my wrong viewpoint of seeking bread to satisfy hunger transformed, but also my faith in God increased after my son’s illness.

God Saved My Dying Daughter

My daughter was suddenly struck down by an illness at 11 p.m., and it was God who saved her at this crucial juncture.

Is Your Faith Being Tested?

His physical illness, family’s obstructing his belief in God, and any other real life problems came upon him one after another. How should he hold on to his faith in God and stand witness for Him?

Thank God for Giving Me a Second Life!

A serious disease suddenly struck me in the prime of my life, then my wife betrayed me and my family were distant from me. Just when I was hopeless, God bestowed His gospel upon me and gave me a second life!

Faith Can Overcome Any Illness

Even the doctor thought my disease couldn’t be cured and I could only wait to die, but I was miraculously recovered. This showed me God’s almightiness and strengthened my faith.

God Delivered My Critically Ill Baby From Danger

My newborn son was critically ill and his life was in danger twice. When I genuinely relied on God, He showed me His wondrous deeds.

God Guided Me to Triumph Over the Illness

She was ill in bed but nobody cared about her. It was God’s word that gave her faith, and God guided her to triumph over the illness. From her experience she saw God is man’s only reliance.