Welcome the Lord

Only by Learning to Discern False Christs Can We Welcome the Lord

By Tongxin, Malaysia Have you ever received counterfeit money? Many of you will answer that you have. Faced as we are with an era where counterfeit money is rampant, will you reject money because you…

I Gained a New Knowledge of the Bible and Welcomed the Lord’s Return by Watching Films

I once held that any belief that departs from the Bible is a heresy. Later, I gained a new knowledge of the Bible and welcomed the Lord’s return by watching films.

What Did the Lord Jesus’ Words “It Is Finished” on the Cross Really Mean

The Lord Jesus’ words on the cross “It is finished” didn’t mean that God’s plan of salvation of mankind had been finished. Then to what was the Lord Jesus ultimately referring, when He said “It is finished”? I understood through fellowship.

I’ve Attended the Feast of the Lamb —The Lord’s Return

She has been lucky to attend the feast of the Lamb and welcomed the return of the Lord Jesus. Have you welcomed the Lord’s return?

Revelation 3:20 - Recognize God’s voice

Today’s Bible Verse is Revelation 3:20 about recognizing God’s voice. From this Bible verse, we know that we should focus on hearing God’s voice.

How to Make a Wise Choice When Hearing the News of the Lord’s Arrival

How can we make a wise choice when hearing the news of the Lord’s arrival? This article gives you the answer.

Who Are the Poor in Spirit?

The Lord Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” But what kind of people are the poor in spirit?

It Was God Who Guided Me From the Wilderness to Canaan

My church has lost the work of the Holy Spirit. When I sought and investigated, God guided me from the wilderness to Canaan.

I Welcomed the Second Coming of the Lord After Studying Bible Five Times

After studying the Bible five times, she heard the voice of God and welcomed the second coming of the Lord through seeking the truth.

I Understood What “Watching and Waiting” Actually Refers to

How should Christians keep watching so that we can welcome the Lord’s return? After the communication with her pastor cousin, Xiaojing understood what “watching and waiting” actually refers to.

December 17, 2017 - Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. - Matthew 5:8 Thoughts on Today’s Verse… From this verse, we can see that the Lord hopes that we can empty ourselves and relinquish our …

New Gospel Movie "Waiting": Hear the Voice of God and Welcome the Lord

Yang Hou’en was a pastor of a house church in China. His father Yang Shoudao and he had always been waiting for the Lord Jesus to come upon a cloud and catch them up into the kingdom of heaven. Fo…


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