The Lord Saved Me From a Terrible Car Crash

By Anxin, Canada

The Lord Saved Me From a Terrible Car Crash

Warm spring is best suited for an excursion. One weekend, some friends invited me to join them for a self-drive trip to a lake. Setting out in two cars, one behind the other, we drove on the road along the bank of the lake. I looked out the window and saw the broad highland lake on our left: A gentle breeze caressed and ruffled the bosom of the lake. The sunlight fell on it and sparkled the ripples. I was slightly dazzled by the glitter and felt a little drowsy. Knowing that we were a couple of hours from our destination, I decided to roll up the window and took a nap. Soon, the sound of talk and laughter of my friends faded and I fell asleep.

All of a sudden, a strong bump with a crashing sound and the noise of the grinding of metals startled me out of my sleep. I lost my balance and was tossed about in the car. Then my head bumped the ceiling and was spinning. Blurry-eyed, I saw my friends in the driver’s seat and passenger seat was also bouncing up and down. The scream of my panic-stricken friends filled me with horror. Only then was I aware that we had been in a car accident.

Being terrified, I instinctively reached out to the armrest. However, because the car was bumping, my hands and legs failed me, and I was unable to grab ahold of anything which appeared possible to be taken hold of. At that point, a sense of despair swept over me. I couldn’t yell out even if I wanted to, and my sight also blurred. The only thought in my mind was: Am I going to die? After another few seconds of bouncing, I heard a crashing sound from the chassis. Then the car suddenly stopped, and because of inertia, I lurched forward and my face bumped on the back of the driver’s seat, which made me get a dizzy spell. After that, a hush fell over the car.

I didn’t know how much time had passed before I heard the sound of voices. The friend in the passenger seat turned around, called my name loudly, and asked me whether I was hurt or not. At that time I felt something hot and salty in my mouth. It turned out that my mouth was bleeding. But other than that, I was otherwise unscathed. Until then was I able to see clearly the car’s situation: The front of it was raised and made an angle of forty-five degrees with horizontal line, the body inclined to the left, and the window at the left side of the car was half submerged. At this time, fear assailed me again: If we cannot get out of the car soon, the car will be fully submerged and we will drown. At the thought of this, I could not help crying out in my heart, “Help! Lord Jesus! Help!”

Thank the Lord for listening to my prayer. After I prayed, the car stopped sinking and my friends in the other car arrived in time. They and some villagers passing by rescued us from the car immediately. After I got out of the car, I turned around and had a look at it. I was then stunned by the scene before my eyes: The car was leaning on a big mound that was almost on a level with the road. In front of and behind the mound, there were several big rocks; this was the only dry area on the bank, which was just slightly bigger than the car’s chassis. And the left side of our car was soaking in the water. At this time, a friend who was in the other car walked to me and said: “We watched helplessly from our car as your car deviated from the road, rushed toward the lake, and then bumped into the mound after jolting over the big rocks for a while.”

The local residents around us were also talking about the accident. They said that after the road was built, the leftover soil which was of no use was piled up there, and unexpectedly, it was exactly in the right place to stop our car from rushing into the lake so that we did not drown. Looking at the scene before me and hearing their discussion, I knew very clearly in my heart that the reason I did not die in the accident today was because the Lord Jesus saved me by using that mound to keep our car from rushing into the lake. Just like the Bible says, “Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me” (Psalms 23:4).

The keys of death and Hades are in the Lord’s hands. Without His permission, our lives will not be harmed under any dangerous conditions, and things will always turn out okay under His protection. I recalled when I was in the middle of the accident, I could do nothing but feel horrified and helpless. Thinking of this, I could not help but sigh: When we encounter natural or man-made disasters, and our lives are threatened, nobody can save anyone else; only the Lord has the power to turn danger into safety. I called to mind that when I was growing up, one time I fell from a high slope, and another time I almost drowned, but I was kept safe by the Lord both times. I thanked the Lord for being by my side all along and looking after me and protecting me. This experience allowed me to taste the Lord’s wondrous sovereignty and His authority—He used a mound to save me from danger so that I walked away from the car accident.

Every time I think back to the experience, my heart is filled with gratitude to Jesus the Savior. No matter where I go and what difficulties I may encounter in the future, I will face them with this confidence that I have gained, for I have personally experienced the Lord’s love and protection, and firmly believe that only the Lord is my Savior.

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