Two Reasons of Living in the Haze of Failure

By Hanxiao

Recently, I, on the website, saw that a high school student was extremely low-spirited and disheartened and always felt he was a failure, lying in the fact that everything didn’t go well. Although being accompanied by his parents, classmates and teachers to face this condition, yet he couldn’t come out of the haze of failure.

In fact, during our lifetime, we often meet some failures. Some fail in marriage; some lose in career; others fail in schoolwork, and so on. Usually, what will we do in the face of these failures? Perhaps we will continue working hard to obtain success. If that doesn’t work for the first time, we’ll try again; if it doesn’t work after twice, we’ll step up our efforts, confronting them and trying time after time. If we still can’t end up with success, we would go to an extreme easily, that is, we would live in the haze of failure with self-abandon and discontentedness and cannot walk out from it.

What’s the reason that we live in the haze of failure?

Two Reasons of Living in the Haze of Failure

In the face of the setback of life, we usually fall into the haze of failure. Next, we’ll talk about this from two aspects.

Firstly, we have arrogant nature, which causes us to pursue perfection and do the best all the time. When questing for perfection blindly, we are apt to ignore our own real ability and what degree we can achieve. So, when our hope backfires, we cannot accept the reality, refuse to resign ourselves to defeat, and wallow in our failure. As a matter of fact, perfection is not the objective that God lets us pursue, for none of us can achieve perfection and it is inevitable for us to suffer setbacks and defeats. Not everything can go smoothly without a hitch, which is a fact that nobody can deny.

As Christians, we aspire to be perfect without any failure or become supermen, famous or great persons—this is not God’s will. God just wants us to be obedient. He requires us to learn to experience, summarize lessons from failure in different circumstances and frustrastions that God prepares for us. When we grow up bit by bit, and treat each failure as the motive force of making an advance, then we won’t fall into the haze of failure, without the possibility of being sucked in. Thereupon we can make up for our deficiency through failures, making our experiences a lot richer.

Secondly, because we have no knowledge of God’s sovereignty and arrangement, we always have our own plans and arrangements, always intend to control our own life and fate, and command our future with our own hands. Therefore, we pay constantly for these. However, when reality isn’t in accordance with our imagination, we cannot accept or face it, but try every means to break away from the situation. Afterward, when we fail to change the situation, we have to struggle continuously in this pain and sink deeper and deeper into the haze of failure.

Our mankind’s lifetime of fate was predestinated long ago by the Creator. From the moment that we were born, our fate began to develop according to the course that God predestinated for us. Whether we regard our fates as good or bad, we have to admit they were God’s predestination. Everyone’s family, appearance, height, skin color, culture, work, marriage, and what successes, frustrations and failures we will experience in our life—these were already predestinated by God, and couldn’t be chosen by ourselves. However, we don’t have knowledge of God’s sovereignty and always want to command our own fate and future with our own hands—this is our ambition. We blindly fight against and contend with our fate with our own hands and don’t obey God’s orchestration and arrangement, which causes us to become trapped in failure, growing ever more deeply entangled.

So, if we want to break free from the haze of failure, we must be in obedience to God’s sovereignty. In each stage of our life, whatever failures and frustrations we meet with, we should understand God’s intention behind the scenes attentively and diligently. At bottom, externally, many circumstances don’t appear good things; however, God’s blessings usually hide behind them. When we appreciate each of them with an obedient heart, we can find that things are actually not the same as we imagine, and that they are not that terrible, or perhaps we’ll have unexpected harvests. Just as Joseph was sold to Egypt, it was outwardly not a good thing. But in fact, God would save the Israelites by this way; Moses stayed in the desert for forty years, and from the outside, he left the palace, lost the rich life and stayed far away from his relatives. However, the true intention of God was to use him, temper him through the forty-year life in desert. Otherwise, he would not be suitable for God’s use; Job lost a mountainful of oxen and sheep and his vast wealth overnight, which seemed not to be good outwardly. However, when he stood firm in his testimony before Satan, he got more bountiful blessings from God. In truth, all former apostles and prophets experienced some hardships and frustrations. Although their life was not a smooth sailing journey, it was enriched with those experiences.

From that we can see the hardships, frustrations and failures in life are not horrible, but it is terrible that we cannot submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangement. We always want to govern and arrange our fate in our own way, and we are unwilling to cross these barriers by dependence on God. So we have no pleasure in our hearts, but we are shrouded by the haze of failure instead. As Christians, when faced with frustrations and failures, we should sincerely rely on and look up to God. He can lead us to get through every difficulty. With God’s guidance, how can we not walk out of the haze of failure? God is our guiding light and our eternal dependence.

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